20 January 2022

CAO Concept integrated into WAE Group

Since 2017, CAO Concept has been part of the WAE Group, which combined two other SMEs: Quasar Concept and SERETEC. These three companies, united around Frédéric Fabre, their new manager, are intended to offer an integrated solution in industrial electronics. From idea to mass production.

Vue d'écran de la timeline WAE Group

A successful business acquisition is often the result of a convergence of views between the seller and the buyer! This is largely the story of CAO Concept’s purchase – by Frédéric Fabre – from the founders of the SME and its promoters since 1987. After co-founding a start-up in 2003 and then holding general management positions in industry, the new and current CEO of WAE Group began his project in 2015 with a predilection for the electronics sector.

« At the beginning of 2016, he explains, I submitted a letter of intent for the purchase of both CAO Concept and Quasar Concept, another SME in the Anjou region that operated in the same sector with a complementary activity. I then presented my idea to the sellers of both parties. They agreed and we concluded the deal. I then remained on the lookout with the idea of building a group that would be able to offer a complete package. At the end of January 2019, I met the head of SERETEC, a third company. He also shared this vision of integration. He was missing the electronic design office part… which we now had with Quasar Concept. Our industrial and vertical integration rationales were in phase. A year later, at the beginning of 2020, WAE Group was operational with its three units. »

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