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The CAO Concept team manages your printed circuit design from preliminary research to electronic board prototyping for a turnkey service!

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Our prototyping workshop

Located at CAO Concept’s premises in Angers, it is primarily intended for electronic board prototyping after printed circuit research and design, either under our control or from an existing study provided by our customers. It can also handle small series production. It offers an integrated service, including the supply of components, to save time in the implementation of assigned projects.

The production resources used are in line with the workshop’s primary purpose, which is focused on prototyping and, by extension, small series. In addition to the usual tools for soldering and manually assembling components on the PCBs, it includes:

  • Oven
  • QFN Soldering and Desoldering Station (Thermal Pad)
  • Ultrasonic cleaning bath
  • Camera monitored quality control station for electronic cards

IPC-A-610 certification (Acceptability of Electronic Assemblies).

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