From design to mass production of your printed circuits

CAO Concept accompanies you from design to mass production of your electronic board, through a project’s two key phases and using our core expertise: CAD study and prototyping.

Concept & design



Concept & design

In order to design your electronic board, CAO Concept is above all a source of advice and a technical relationship based on support and listening to your requirements.

Our role is also to guide you in the technical specification definition of your printed circuit (stacking, materials, engraving precision, insulation, copper thickness).

Preliminary services

  • Component libraries creation (schema, footprint)
  • For each of our layout tools, our capabilities allow us to perform your electronic schematic input.

Routing service

  • Integration of technological design rules for printed circuit boards, such as Flex / Flex-Rigid, SMI.
  • Routing of cards with complex stacking (up to 36 layers, four levels of microvia, thick cards up to 6.35mm, large surface up to 505mm width).
  • Integration of your mechanical constraints (via DXF, IDF formats)
  • Fast signal routing (single or differential impedance matched lines, propagation time (length adjustment)
  • Power card routing
  • Taking into account the routing rules related to electro-magnetic constraints (E.M.C.)


  • We have set up formalised control procedures via our ISO 9001 certified quality system: each stage of the design is approved

Design for Manufacturing (DFM) / Design for Test (DFT)

  • Manufacturability rules verification at routing commencement.
  • Blanking
  • Test points integration


  • Complete production file (BOM, PDF schematics, GERBER, Excellon, ODB++, DXF, IDF) and also ASCII exports (plain text) for production tools’ operation (CAD\CAM)
  • Delivery of CAO database source files via our secure FTP site
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Prototypes and small series

To promptly produce your prototype printed circuit boards, CAO Concept works with a network of qualified manufacturers selected according to their capabilities.

Our Angers workshop allows us to offer to rapidly wire your electronic boards whilst observing the IPC-A-610 standard.

For your prototypes, we can offer to manage component supply. If necessary, CAO Concept relies on a network of Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS).

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CAO Concept designs your electronic boards utilising an industrial DFM (Design for Manufacturing) and DFT (Design for Test) approach. The aim is to enter the production phase in complete peace of mind.