Our references in electronic board design amongst the CAO Concept business case

Microelectronics: test card

Task assigned to CAO Concept: to produce a Probe Card to simultaneously test 32 components in WLCSP 27 (Wafer Level Chip Scale Package) format at 0.4 mm pitch.

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Vue de l'une des deux faces d'une carte électronique conçue par CAO Concept dans le cadre d'un projet énergie AEG Power

Power: high current cards

The plan assigned to CAO Concept for this project’s correct management: to be able to dimension the printed circuit tracks of these electronic boards as accurately as possible according to the high currents to be carried and their thermal environment.

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Industry: high speed digital signal cards

How to design electronic boards capable of processing large amounts of data at very high speeds? For ultra-high performance multi-core processors. This is the challenge that CAO Concept has met.

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Aerospace: OneWeb project

The CAO Concept team used its skills and expertise to design electronic boards that comply with all ECSS (European Cooperation for Space Standardisation) standards for the space domain.

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