Business Case « Industry » : high speed digital signal cards

Designing electronic boards for multi-core processors of up to 256 cores is the challenge accepted by CAO Concept. This encompasses applications in innovative fields such as autonomous vehicles.

Innovative sectors such as smart cars or next generation 5G servers need to process a constant and growing stream of data… in real time. Processors are becoming increasingly powerful and fast. For industry-leading suppliers offering up to 256 cores, dedicated PCBs, designed by CAO Concept, must keep up with this performance race.

Moore’s law is implacable! Ever more speed and power… digital transformation coupled with technological acceleration leads to a requirements evolution at all levels! We must manage rapidly growing volumes of data with ever increasing speed requirements.

Multi-core processors are at the heart of this quest for performance in most digital-related sectors. For example, a real-world case managed by CAO Concept is in the context of the ongoing development of autonomous vehicles.

Electronic boards for processors with up to 256 cores

The electronic boards with high-speed signals researched and designed by electronic CAD, within the framework of this project, were intended to be supported by processors with up to 256 cores.

CAO Concept has opted for a 16-layer structure, even though the design office has already designed circuits with up to 36 layers. This stacking is calculated to allow for impedance matching.

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