Business Case « microelectronics » : test card

How to guarantee a high level of accuracy and meet quality requirements, with mandated results inherent to this Probe Card’s intended use: the ultra-precise world of electronic component testing.

The solution provided by CAO Concept: due to the large number of connections (864) and the constraints of signal speed imposing tracks adapted to 50-ohm impedance, the chosen approach was to define a printed circuit stack with 28 layers and a thickness of 4,5 mm.

The fine pitch of these components (pitch 0.4 mm) and their high density (32) on the wafer required routing with four levels of microvias.

The number of levels of laser microvias combined with the thickness of the electronic board was also a technological challenge in terms of manufacturing: CAO Concept met this challenge thanks to continuous dialogue, from the beginning of the design phase, with its French partner and supplier (CIRETEC of the Elvia Group) of printed circuit boards, whose expertise is a guarantee of a high level of technological capability.

These cards represent an aggregation of technology. They become a central and integral part of the measuring equipment. They guarantee the measurement data’s accuracy.

What are the strengths of CAO Concept in electronic test boards design?

  • Analysis and understanding of the customer’s needs in the light of experience acquired since CAO Concept’s founding in 1987, and the team’s continuous increase of skills according to technological and software developments
  • Guarantee of a high level of precision, these electronic boards entail quality requirements to the highest standards with, moreover, mandated results linked to the world of electronic components testing.

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